Nonton Killer Bee Invasion 2020 Sub Indo
Killer Bee Invasion
2020 • • 0min • ActionScience Fiction
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb

A scientific research team conducted an experiment on Dead Island. In the process, tens of thousands of killer bees rushed out of the laboratory, madly attacking scientists and staff. Overnight, blood flowed into rivers and corpses across the island, making the laboratory even more fragmented. The sight of bloody flesh and broken limbs. After the accident, Chinese Qin Tian, ​​the leader of the patrolling security team, quickly led the rescue team to the laboratory for rescue. At the same time, killer bees reproduced wildly, and the entire island has become a sea of ​​bees. This "residential crisis" quickly spread to other regions. In order to save more lives, the survivor Dr. Tang Lingfei and the rescue team decided to fight to the death and start a bloody battle with the killer bees on the island. But even more frightening was that they discovered that besides the killer bees on the island, there was also a mysterious tribe who looked at them, an unknown bloodthirsty creature that madly attacked and bit everyone. This death rescue kicked off.

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